June 6-8 2018, Savona, Italy

The CTS2018 has begun!








The 15th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems (CTS 2018) will be held on June 6-8, 2018, in Savona Campus, a branch of the University of Genova, Italy. The University Campus is very close to the centre of Savona, with its historical monuments, restaurants and shopping areas, just a walk to the seaside.

Important Dates

  • Paper submission deadline: October 31, 2017
  • Notification of acceptance: January 31, 2018
  • Final paper submission and early registration deadline: March 10, 2018

Scope and Objective

The Symposium will provide an interesting opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to investigate new ideas, to share innovative solutions, and to discuss future research directions in the area of control in transportation systems. The main scope of the Symposium refers to the development of automatic control methods and tools for the analysis, supervision and management of transportation systems. The increasing complexity of freight logistic networks, the technological developments in transportation systems, and the necessity of managing all the transportation modes in an efficient, synchronized and integrated way require the continuous development of innovative control approaches in the field. The present and future transportation systems to be controlled present further new challenges for researchers, since they must be designed as smart, safe and sustainable mobility environments.

Technical topics

Technical topics of the conference include but are not limited to:

  • Modelling and control of road traffic networks
  • Urban mobility systems
  • Planning and management of ports and terminals
  • Planning and control problems in freight transportation networks
  • Maritime transportation planning and control
  • Control of connected and automated vehicles
  • Rail transportation modelling and control systems
  • Technologies for control in transportation
  • Cooperative logistics
  • Planning and management of public transportation
  • Safety and security in transportation systems
  • Human factors in traffic and transportation control
  • Control and scheduling of air transportation
  • Multimodal transport modelling, monitoring and control
  • Simulation tools and commercial software
  • Energy control in transportation


The organisation of CTS 2018 is coordinated with the organisation of the 2nd Symposium on Management of Future Motorway and Urban Traffic Systems – MFTS2018 (https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/event/conference/mfts2018), hosted by the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, on June 11-12, 2018.